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April 24, 2002
Subject: Taubman

I found your taubmansucks site while searching for an Alfa Romeo-related link that appears to have gone away. I sat in my office last evening, completely transfixed. I read until 6:20 p.m, which is significant only if you know I was supposed to be at dinner with my wife and friends by 6:15. Oops!

Your writing is superb, as is your ability to tell your story. I'm sure the shady lawyers are wondering if the fees they're "earning" are worth the grief you've given them.

There must be a book in this. Many years ago I was in publishing (MANY years ago), so while I've lost most of my writing skills and all of my contacts, I can still recognize a good story. Have you thought about seeing if any of the big-time TV talk shows or entertainment/news shows might be interested?

We have a firm of trademark attorneys in the building behind ours. I'm going to share your site with them just to be neighborly. Actually, they are fine neighbors and seem like a friendly bunch.

Good luck to you. I sincerely hope you prevail, and that the shame these miscreants deserve comes their way in heaps.

    -- Gary Williams

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