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March 22, 2008
Subject: Taubman

I can only imagine what you have gone through.

I found your website after looking for the Shops at Willow Bend's physical address.

I believe this is absolutely insane, to me it is painfully obvious that you would have been more than willing from day one to settle this issue with a few simple exchanges of emails listing what Taubman wanted you to do, and, as long as said requests were reasonable, this could have all been over sooooo long ago.

I have spent most of today trying to read through your site (so far up to act 98), and it's painful reading, so I can only imagine what it is like living it.

Anyway back to the reason I found this site. I never did get to Willow Bend to purchase what I was looking for, and after reading your site I never will. I will now go somewhere else and spend my hard-earned dollars, instead of helping an unscrupulous company line the pockets of an even more unscrupulous attorney.

And as of tomorrow I will begin extensive research on all of the presidents of companies who have stores at Willow Bend and let them know why I will not be spending my dollars at their stores at that location.

I agree with something you implied at the start of the website: We as the little guys have little say about what the big companies can and cannot do, but the one thing we can do is withhold our money from them until they agree with us and decide to change their business practices.

And as for the chance of asking a lawyer to hand down an unfavorable decision against another lawyer -- do you really think that will happen?

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