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April 7, 2005
Subject: legal ordeal

Hank, your experience is unfortunate, but I hope you understand what I mean by this: it couldn't have happened to anyone better. Not only have you failed to roll over which seemed to be expected from Taubman's original attempts to "foil your profit-making scheme." but you have taken the deceptive blows from their lawyers in tremendous stride and given the rest of us a well-documented example of how such lawsuits can be fought. Moreover, your own perspective on the issue makes the entire thing engaging and satisfying (I'm even willing to pore through the legal documents just to hear your genuinely disappointed post-analysis of the audacious situation). I started off the morning reading the daily news/blogs, got linked to your site and have spent the entire morning reading it and becoming inspired. For a student like myself your case re-affirms my goal to become a "lawyer for the little guy" such as you have enlisted. I want to thank you for your amusing candor about the experience – while we all realize that you would rather this hadn't happen at all, you have turned a negative situation into something that inspires and emboldens people to take a stance against judicial class warfare such as you have.

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