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September 30, 2004
Subject: Holy Toledo

I just got through reading the TaubmanSucks.com story (took me two days), and I must say it's the best thing I've read this year. You have an amazing writing style. Not only is it exceptionally free of grammatical errors, but you've somehow managed to elevate the excitement level of a legal case to "spy novel" proportions... seriously, I could NOT stop reading it. It would probably make a good paperback (but then again, that might be construed as part of the "scheme" to profit from the entire legal mess that developed).

I wonder if Julie Greenberg wakes up every morning and has a chip on her shoulder because she lost what was probably such an easy case in her mind (don't you just hope so?). For that matter, does she still have a job? If I was Taubman, and I realized I had been dragged into an expensive and unnecessary suit (which I then lost), I would make it my mission in life to have her fired (then I'd get a new law firm to work with).

Anyway, thanks for such an interesting and educational read. I learned more about law in the past two days than I ever wanted to know.

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