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Act 78: The ACLU Weighs In

This morning (May 6, 2002), I received a note via email wishing me good luck, and noting that the fact that the ACLU was backing me "is definitely a plus."

This came as a great surprise to me. No, I wasn't surprised to learn that being backed by the ACLU was considered to be a good sign. But I was surprised to learn that I was being backed by the ACLU!

Fortunately, the email contained a link to the ACLU website, where I found a news release entitled:

In Two Internet Free Speech Cases Reaching
Appeals Courts, ACLU Sees Disturbing Censorship Trend

When I read the news release, I was delighted to learn that the ACLU had filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the Court of Appeals on my behalf!

Although I have no way to gauge what effect (if any) the brief will have on the court, it is extremely gratifying to learn that an organization with the prestige of the ACLU has decided that my situation warranted their attention. If nothing else, the brief may generate some additional publicity for the case – which not only may engender some support for me (which is always greatly appreciated), but which may also heap just a little more much-deserved shame on Taubman and its hired guns.

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