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Act 6: Taubman Responds by Suing Me

I guess that filing a lawsuit must be a lawyer's way of answering questions. At least, on August 7, 2001, that's the way that Ms. Greenberg responded to mine. Here's her note.

Dear Mr. Mishkoff:

Your continued use of our client's mark THE SHOPS AT WILLOW BEND, in WebFeats' domain name and throughout its related website, is a willful infringement of our client's trademark rights, as well as a violation of the federal anti-cybersquatting law.

We have been authorized to take all necessary steps to enforce our client's rights in this mark. To this end, we have prepared and filed the enclosed complaint in federal court against you personally and your company WebFeats.

If you believe an immediate resolution is possible, which must include an agreement to immediately cease all use of the mark THE SHOPS AT WILLOW BEND, or any other confusingly similar mark, as well as a transfer of the domain name registration to our client, you are invited to contact me directly, or my partner, Allen Krass at 248-647-6000 no later than Friday, August 10, 2001. If this matter has not been resolved by that date, we will assume that litigation will proceed.

Very truly yours,
Julie A. Greenberg

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