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Act 126: I Appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court

Along with their rejection of my request that they reconsider their dismissal of my complaint, the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission had attached a memo with instructions for appealing their decision to the Michigan Supreme Court, should I wish to do so. Which, despite the fact that it would set me back $250, I did. (Shortly after I filed my appeal, the Court notified me that the fee had actually been raised to $375 a few months earlier. Word of the rate increase had apparently not filtered down to the Attorney Grievance Commission.)

According to the memorandum, the appeal was to take the form of a "Complaint for Supervising Control." I wasn't real clear of the implications of that phrase, but it sounded like I'd be asking the Supreme Court to exercise their responsibility to supervise the Commission. Did this mean that I would actually have to show the Court that the Commission had acted improperly? That they had broken one of their own rules? Or should I just submit a rehash of the complaint and urge the Court to take a fresh look at the situation?

Beats me.

But even though I was unclear of the exact nature of the process, I decided to go ahead and cough up the $375 (more than three times more than it had cost me to appeal the District Court injunctions to the United States Court of Appeals, by the way) and follow the process through to its logical conclusion. And so, on January 20, 2004, I sent the following document to the Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Michigan.

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